Friday, August 25, 2023

CMA team parkas


CMA is looking into a group purchase of parkas for the team.  The following details about the sizes and costs were provided by Dale's swim shop:
  • Available sizes from XS to XXXL. XXL and XXXL are $5 more.
  • Prices are $93 for 6, $91 for 12 to 23, and $89 for 24 and more.
  • Shipping is included. Sales tax of 8.75% is added to the sale.
The style of the parka can be viewed online at:

The parkas will have a navy blue exterior with a navy blue lining.
The team logo will be printed on the back of the parka by Boca Rio, but that cost is not included in the prices listed above.  As a result, the total cost will be a little higher.
Contact Jane if you have any questions about the parkas, and you can contact Coach Rhonda or Jane if you might be interested in purchasing one.

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