Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Morning practice notes

Workouts started on Monday, 30 November.  Below are some notes regarding the practices:

 1. Facility Guidelines: 

A.    Facemasks are required for entry into the pool and should be worn at all times when not in the water.


B.    Signed Waiver forms are required for entry into the pool.


C.   $180 cash or check (made out to CMA) required at the first workout.


D.   Changing is not allowed on deck, so come dressed to swim. Locker rooms are closed except for use as restrooms.


E.    Swimmers must bring their own pull buoys and kickboards.


2Waivers/Fees: During the first week (30 Nov), there will be a table located outside the pool entrance near the football field to collect waivers and pool fees.  After the first week, contact Pete or talk with the coach prior to workout to provide the signed waiver form and pool fees.


3. Prior to entrance: The pool staff have set up lane numbers on the sidewalk outside the entrance and request that swimmers stand at each marker to maintain social distancing prior to the practice.  Due to the current health restrictions associated with COVID-19, the pool requires that no more than 4 people can swim per lane with a maximum of two swimmers on each side.

4. Temperature Checks: The facility requires temperature checks prior to entry.  The temperature checks will normally be administered by a CMA coach using a touchless thermometer provided by the facility staff.  Swimmers with temperatures of 100 degrees or higher will not be allowed entry.  Due to the additional time associated with pool entry, we suggest arriving early (10 minutes; 5:50am) to workouts.

5. Pool Entry: Two people of your 4 person lane group will be directed to each side of the pool. You may begin warm up as soon as you enter the pool.  Warm up will end approximately 6:15 and the organized workout will start.  When in the lane, one person should be on the wall at each end, and the other person at each end should be on the lane line, for social distancing.

6. Pool Exit: The pool staff requests that swimmers exit the opposite side of the long course pool relative to the side which they entered the facility.


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