Monday, October 12, 2020

October Update

In September, CMA communicated with the aquatics staff at the Coronado Aquatics Center and received the following update:

  • The youth swim team has blocked out the pool from 3:30 to 6:30 pm every day due to the fact that only 30 can swim at a time (3/lane) so the team has to spread out the workouts
  • The pool is having staffing problems that limit the hours/day they can open so they are limiting swimming to lap swimming (short course) and the youth swim team. The facility took a $1M budget hit that reduces their ability to hire staff
  • There is no time available for any other activities (instruction, CMA etc) given the limited hours they are open
  •  If the facility ever has more hours available (i.e. more staff/budget) CMA would have to rent the entire pool (like the youth swim team), meaning that CMA would have to have about 30 swimmers each night or the cost would likely be prohibitive.

We will provide updates to this webpage when CMA can resume regular practices, but there is currently no time table to a return while the facility has limited hours.

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