Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Coronado Masters (CMA): Traffic alert on Friday, 6 December

Orange Avenue will be closed to traffic this coming Friday (6 Dec) from 5-9 pm for the annual Coronado Christmas parade and Merchant Open House.

We recommend using one of these two alternate routes to the pool to avoid getting stuck in town:

Option 1. (Recommended):

- Go West on Third Avenue (the street coming into town from
the bridge) and go all the way to Alameda Blvd (just before entering
the base at North Island).

- Take a left on Alameda and follow it until it intersects Ocean Blvd.

- Take a left on Ocean Blvd and follow it until it intersects
Orange Ave at the Hotel Del.

- Turn right and follow it to the pool as usual.

Option 2:

- Take Pamona Blvd going south until it intersects Glorietta
Blvd and take a right.

- Follow Glorietta Blvd until it intersects the Silver Strand
Hwy and take a left and follow it to the pool as usual.

- (Note: if you are coming over the bridge, you will have to
take your first left, then turn left again onto 4th St (going back
towards the bridge) and get over 3 lanes to the right to get to
Pamona Blvd. This may be very difficult to do if there is a lot of
traffic on 4th St.)

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